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Lewis Mitcham (Lewis Mitcham; 935 S. Webster St; Lakewood, CO; 80226-4527) has an extensive catalog and can provide them in .PDF format on CD at a reasonable price: 

KINGSTON, TN 1895, 1907 & 1925

Maps of the Streets of Kingston, 1895, 1907 & 1925; a reproduction of three series of Sanborn maps at The Library of Congress showing streets, businesses and other items of interest; maps are printed approximately 17" x 20" except as noted.

A set of all 4 maps, bound, with covers. Printed 11" x 17' on lightweight paper. Can be provided unbound if desired. Indicate in the Comment section of the order


Map of the Streets of Kingston, 1895; Page 1 of 1.



Map of the Streets of Kingston, 1907; Page 1 of 1.



Map of the Streets of Kingston, 1925; Page 1 of 2.



Map of the Streets of Kingston, 1925; Page 2 of 2.


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