Charles A. Reeves, Jr.
July 26, 2020

In past versions of this page, I included Daniel as my three-great grandfather Asa's father and John as Daniel's father.  The accuracy of this has been questioned by some Reeves researchers. It was provided by a cousin, now deceased.  He told me he found the information in the "Abstract of Pensions of South Carolina Soldiers of the Revolutionary War," by Bell, Vol. 12, p.54.  I have not viewed that listing myself, but I did locate a pension application of Eleanor Reeves, wife of Daniel. She did not list Asa among her children.

There is evidence that, as my late aunt Mary Frances once told me, that Asa Reeves changed his name before coming to Tennessee.  She said he did this because he was fleeing South Carolina after his wife broke him out of jail, that he was there for killing a man.  Based on recent DNA testing, it appears that his "real" name was James B. Reeves.  A newspaper report of 1829 mentions that James B. fled the Sumpter County, SC Court for the murder of William Bateman.

Thus I no longer believe a connection exists between Asa/John B. and John or Daniel.  Click here to view a PDF (or right click to download the file) for a long Asa/James B. Reeves descendant chart. Based on census records, I've theorized that Asa and his family may have come to the area of Jackson County, TN in the 1830s, perhaps from the area of Reevesville, SC. Reportedly Asa's first wife, Anna Ferguson, died in route while attempting to ford a river. Mill's 1825 Atlas of South Carolina shows two landowners by the name of Reeve in the Colleton District near where Reevesville is today (now in Dorchester County).

There is also some Ensor family info here.

To show where I am in the Reeves family, below is a small section of the descendant chart mentioned above.

Below are some photos of the Reeves family.

Dr. Charles Everette Reeves
14 Feb 1871 - 2 Sept 1962

Date of photo unknown, but probably in the 1950s. He was a family doctor in Jackson County, TN from around 1907 until he died in 1962.

Edna Young Reeves, wife of Dr. Reeves

9 Jun 1875 - 7 Feb 1965

Photo probably taken at the same time as Dr. Reeves'

wedding photo of Dr. Reeves and his young wife Edna, dated Sept. 13, 1892.

A photo of Dr. Reeves, dated Sept. 27, 1889, and captioned on the back: "University of Nashville and Vanderbilt University Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee": Dr. Reeves received his degree in 1891, and medical school was a two-year curriculum at the time, so this must have been taken as he entered medical school.

A photo of Dr. Reeves children, not dated, but it must have taken prior to the birth of his last child, Vivian, in 1905. In the rear are Mary E. Reeves (22 May 1895-24 Sept 1925) and Harlan Burton Reeves, Sr. (1 Jul 1893 - 8 March 1969). In the front are Edwin Clay (Buster) Reeves (Sept. 1899 - ?), and Joe Young Reeves (16 April 1901 - 4 April 1959). Judging by the size of Joe, I would date the photo at around 1902-3.

Another photo of Dr. Reeves children, including Vivian (Sept. 19, 1905 - August 10, 1986). I'd estimate this photo was taken around 1907-8.

A photo of Harlan Burton Reeves' children, prior to the birth of their youngest daughter (Jeanette, b. 27 May 1924). I would date the photo at around 1924. From left to right are Charles Allison Reeves, Sr. (my father, b. 10 Aug 1916), Margaret Earle (b. 12 Jan 1922), Mary Francis (b. 12 Jan 1922), and Harlan Burton Jr. (Sonny) (b. 18 Jan 1920, d. 26 June 2000).

photo of Dr. Reeves, date unknown.

These two photos were taken at Gainesboro, TN sometime in the late1950s, by my sister, Charline Ann Reeves. They are of my family on the porch of the old Reeves' home (no longer there) on Main Street. From left to right (both photos) are: Elizabeth Ensor Reeves (my mother), James Clay Reeves (standing-my brother), Sallie Bright Allison Reeves (my grandmother), Charles Allison Reeves, Jr. (me), Dr. Reeves (my great-grandfather), Charles Allison Reeves (my father), and Harlan Burton Reeves (my grandfather). My sister found these photos on a undeveloped roll of film, still in the camera, many years later. A very talented photographer in the Washington, D.C. area was somehow able to retrieve the images from the 30+ year-old film

A Gathering of Doctors in Sparta, TN
October 10, 1944

Note on the back of the photo says "Compliments of B.L. Upchurch" along with the following list:

From left-to-right: Dr. Tubbs, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Draper, Dr. Reeves, Dr. Gaines, Dr. Moorehouse, T.D. Mason, & Dr. Clerk(?)

W. Clay Reeves, Jr.
"Age 1-1/2, with Clay's Ch. Palmetto Ditto"

James "Jimmie" Reeves
(ca 1864 - ??)
a brother of Dr. Reeves and son of
Charles E. and Arcena Reeves

Another photo of Jimmie
January 1886
Photo by W. S. Mahon, 117 Pub. Square, Nashville

Arcena "Sissy" Reeves
(24 Jan 1876 - 10 Mar 1948)
Sister of Dr. Reeves
Photo courtesy of Anne Stiller (

Another photo of
Photo courtesy of Anne Stiller (

Another photo of
Photo courtesy of Anne Stiller (

Jehu Thomas Timberlake, Arcena, and Daughter Kathryn
Photo courtesy of Anne Stiller (

Kathryn Timberlake with her mother, Arcena
Photo courtesy of Anne Stiller (

photo taken at Santa Fe, NM, date uncertain,
courtesy of Anne Stiller ( Seated is Arcena, but not sure who the other folks are. The woman on their right could be her sister, Sallie, and the one on the right could be their mother, Arsena. I have a letter from Sallie to Dr. Reeves from Estancia, NM, dated December 27, 1917, and she died in Albuquerque in 1934. The man certainly looks like a Reeves; could be their brother C
lay or James

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