This beautiful book has 528 11-1/2' x 17" pages, almost all of which are completely occupied by elaborate engravings, some of which cover two pages (making these 17" x 23"). Below are links to small images of the ones I've scanned so far, with the catalog number and final printed size of the reproduction available. See shipping cost and sales tax information at the end of this page. All are printed on high quality textured artist paper. Most of the images are battle scenes, but there are a few of Union and Confederate officers and other scenes. I have only scanned a few of these images; if you have a particular battle, person, or other interest, look through the Index of Ilustrations (Adobe Acrobat required). If you see one that might be of interest, let me know and I'll scan it and upload the image to this catalog for your review.

Prints Currently Available

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Cost of Prints: 8" x 10" - $5; 11" x 17" - $10; 17" x 22" - $15, plus tax (if applicable ) and shipping (see below)

CAR-CWB-001 - Abraham Lincoln - 8" x 10"

CAR-CWB-002 - Jefferson Davis - 8" x 10"

CAR-CWB-067 - The Burning of the Harvey Birch by the Nashville (p. 67) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-074 - Bursting of a Rifled 42-pound Gun in Fort Henry During the Bombardment (p. 74-75) - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-089 - Charge of the Eighth Missouri and the Eleventh Indiana Regiments, Led by Gen. Lewis Wallace, at Fort Donelson [Nashville, TN], Feb. 15, 1862 (p. 89) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-097 - Battle of Pittsburg Landing [So. Pittsburg, TN], Sunday April 6, 1862...(p. 97) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-098 - Final Stand of the Army of General Grant, April 6. 1862, Near Pittsburg Landing...(p. 98-99) - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-101 - General Hurlbut's Repulsing the Combined Confederate Attack (April 6, 1862) at the Peach Orchard, Near Shiloh (p. 101) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-102 - Capture of McClernand's Pittsburg Landing,...April 6, 1862 (P. 102) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-104 - Recapture of Artillery, At Shiloh Church, Near Pittsburg Landing...April 7, 1862 (p. 104) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-244 - Bird's Eye View of Chattanooga, Tenn, as Seen from Lookout Mountain (p. 244) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-245 - Wilder's Mounted Infantry Passing the Blockhouse of the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad, and Lookout Mountain, Near Chattanooga, Tenn. Occupied by General Rosecrans (p. 245) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-248 - Battle of Chickamauga, GA - Repulse of the Confederates at Crawfish Creek (p. 248) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-249 - Wheeler's Confederate Cavalry Capturing a Supply Train Near Jasper, Tenn (.p 249) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-251 - Lookout Mountain and its Vicinity, from the Position of the Eleventh Army Corps (p. 251) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-252 - Hooker's Battle Above the Clouds, and Capture of the Confederate Position at Lookout Mountain, Tenn, Nov. 26, 1863 (p. 252) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-257 - The Naval Combat in Mobile Harbor - The Flagship Hartford Engaging the Confederate Ram Tennessee, along with a picture of Admiral David G. Farragut and Capt. Theodorus Bailey, along with biographical material (p. 257) - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-266 - Battle of Chickamauga, GA, Fought Sept. 19-20, 1863 (p. 266-267) - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-270 - Capture of Mission Ridge, Near Rossville, Tenn. [Georgia], by General Thomas, Nov. 25, 1863 (p. 270-271) - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-316 - The Battle of Rescca, Fought May 14, 1864 and Geary's Second Brigade Charging Up the Mountain at the Battle of Resaca. - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-349 - Earthworks on the Left of the Confederate Line in Front of Petersburg, Captured by the Eighteenth Army Corps, General W. F. Smith - and - Burnside's Corps Charging the Confederate Position on the Right of Their Line of Defence - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-350 - Roemer's Thirty-Fourth New York and Twitchell's Seventh Maine Batteries, Third Division, Ninth Army Corps, Shelling Petersburg, VA - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-351 - The Eighteenth Army Corps Storming the Fort on the right of the Confederate Line Before Petersburg, July 15, 1864 - and - The Twenty-Second Negro Regiment, Duncan's Brigade, Carrying the First Line of Confederate Works Before Petersburg - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-352 - A Regiment of the Eighteenth Corps Carrying a Portion of Beauregard's Line in Front of Petersburg - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-353 - The Fifth Army Corps Awaiting the Order to Advance, After the Explosion of the Mine, Petersburg, July 30, 1864 - 11" x 17"

CAR-CWB-354 - The Federal Army Entrenched Before Petersburg--A Night Scene in the Trenches - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-421 - Sherman's Seventeenth Army Corps Crossing the South Edisto River on Pontoons, February 9, 1865 and Sherman's Seventeenth Army Corps Entering Cheraw, S.C. and Driving out the Confederates. - 17" x 22"

CAR-CWB-424 - Battle of Bentonsville, March 19, 1865. General Mower, Commanding First Division, Seventeeth Army Corps, Turning the Confederate Army - 17" x 22"

Placing Orders

Sales Tax: Orders from Tennessee residents must include 9.25% state sales tax. I accept personal checks and will invoice accredited institutions; I do not accept credit cards, but I do accept PayPal ( Please order by catalog number. If paying via PayPal, send me an e-mail listing the prints and sizes desired. I will compute the total due if desired.

Shipping Charges - for orders of one to four prints shipped to one address add $6.00 for shipping via Priority Mail. Orders for five or more prints going to the same address add $7.50 s/h.

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